Electrical cabinets

We have an extend experience developing electrical cabinets for automotive sector. Some of the proyects we can deal with are:

- Medium voltage installation

- Low voltage installation

- Design and Diseño y manufacturing of electrical cabinets and electrical protection.

Of course, looking for the most efficiency possible, optimizing resources and lowering the commissioning time of the installation for our client factories.

Our electrical team, also, has manufactured electrical panels and commissioning in industrial factories worldwide.

Mantenimiento de instalaciones

Our services also include industrial maintenance of the electrical installations of the companies, both the ones developed and installed by us, but also the ones from others providers.

That's why, at Innova Automatización we maintain electrical installations and manage other companies maintenance plans. We perform task such us:

- Corrective maintenance.

- Preventive maintenance.

- Technicall assistance and fixing industrial machines.

And also, you can contact us to expose any other neccessity out of the catalog. We can inform you about that.